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translate-logical-pathname pathname &key => physical-pathname

Arguments and Values:

pathname---a pathname designator, or a logical pathname namestring.

physical-pathname---a physical pathname.


Translates pathname to a physical pathname, which it returns.

If pathname is a stream, the stream can be either open or closed. translate-logical-pathname returns the same physical pathname after a file is closed as it did when the file was open. It is an error if pathname is a stream that is created with make-two-way-stream, make-echo-stream, make-broadcast-stream, make-concatenated-stream, make-string-input-stream, make-string-output-stream.

If pathname is a logical pathname namestring, the host portion of the logical pathname namestring and its following colon are required.

Pathname is first coerced to a pathname. If the coerced pathname is a physical pathname, it is returned. If the coerced pathname is a logical pathname, the first matching translation (according to pathname-match-p) of the logical pathname host is applied, as if by calling translate-pathname. If the result is a logical pathname, this process is repeated. When the result is finally a physical pathname, it is returned. If no translation matches, an error is signaled.

translate-logical-pathname might perform additional translations, typically to provide translation of file types to local naming conventions, to accomodate physical file systems with limited length names, or to deal with special character requirements such as translating hyphens to underscores or uppercase letters to lowercase. Any such additional translations are implementation-defined. Some implementations do no additional translations.

There are no specified keyword arguments for translate-logical-pathname, but implementations are permitted to extend it by adding keyword arguments.


See logical-pathname-translations.

Affected By: None.

Exceptional Situations:

If pathname is incorrectly supplied, an error of type type-error is signaled.

If no translation matches, an error of type file-error is signaled.

See Also:

logical-pathname, logical-pathname-translations, logical-pathname, Section 20.1 (File System Concepts), Section 19.1.2 (Pathnames as Filenames)

Notes: None.

The following X3J13 cleanup issues, not part of the specification, apply to this section:

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